In summer 2017, the hottest sports tickets in the world will be in the UK. 

The IAAF World Championships will see the greatest athletes from across the globe return to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for an unforgettable Summer of World Athletics. 


Can I still get hold of tickets?

Tickets to the Championships are on sale now at 


How much do tickets cost?

IAAF World Championships

4-13 August

Tickets from £20     All child tickets £9.58

  • Tickets start from £20 – including for many of the most popular athletics events. 
  • Child tickets just £9.58 (This is our Bolt ticket – matching the 100m record that Usain Bolt set at a previous World Championships!)
  • A family of four can cheer on the world’s greatest athletes – and have an amazing day out at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – for less than £60

Ticket prices


Legend tickets

We’ve added four special new ticket prices – inspired by records set at previous World Championships by global legends of track and field. 

Our Bolt ticket is £9.58 – the current 100m record set by Usain Bolt. This is the price for every child ticket to the IAAF World Championships.

Our Jackson ticket is £12.91 – the 110m hurdles record set by Colin Jackson. This is the Category D ticket price to watch the men’s 110m hurdle qualifiers, and other events, on Sunday 6 August 2017.

Our Edwards ticket is £18.29 – matching the record-breaking 18.29m set by Jonathan Edwards in the triple-jump. This is the Category D ticket price to watch the triple jump, and other events, on Monday 7 August 2017.

Our Gunnell ticket is £52.74 – the 400m hurdles record set by Sally Gunnell. This is the Category C ticket price to watch the women’s 400m hurdles, and other events, on Thursday 10 August 2017.


IAAF World Championships 

4-13 August 2017

50% of tickets £50 or less

All child tickets: £9.58

Adult tickets:

Morning sessions

£12.91-£35 (Cat D)
£35 (Cat C)
£50 (Cat B)
£70 (Cat A)

Evening sessions:

£18.29-£35 (Cat D)
£52.74-£60 (Cat C)
£75 (Cat B)
£95 (Cat A)

‘Super Gold’ sessions:

(Saturday/Sunday evenings)
£45  (Cat D)
£80  (Cat C)
£125 (Cat B)
£155 (Cat A)