How do you spend Christmas?

This year will be special because I won’t be going anywhere for training camps because the European Championships will be in Belgrade, so I’ll be back home.

Every year I try and spend as much time at home with my family and my fiancé and friends. They are really special moments because I travel a lot and don’t have too much free time. I really like to be at home with all the people I love and those are special moments for me. That’s the biggest reward I get is to spend that time with the people close to me.  

Do you train on Christmas day?

Yes I do. I don’t think about it because when I was little and my birthday was on a working day or I was training. Now I’m older, it’s my job, that’s what I do and I love it. I don’t think about it, but I do like to finish my training session early enough to get everything done that I want to do on Christmas day. 

What food do you eat at Christmas?

It depends. I love to cook, but this is a day where my mum and dad cook for all of us. My mum really loves to cook and she really tries to make something special every year and it’s always different. That’s something I really miss during the season because I don’t see them and of course who doesn’t like mum’s food?

She never tells, she just cooks. Like always, it’s a surprise. She knows I love to eat and during the season I have to be really careful with all the food and drink.

What would you like for Christmas?

I don’t think about it really because my family always say it’s hard to buy me presents because when I travel I always buy what I need. I know they always make me presents with pictures of some memories like family dinners and time we spend together

What’s your one hope for 2017?

I definitely want to get that third European gold medal and I want gold in London and fight again for another Diamond League trophy.